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What we want, and what we get in our cities

by Eugenie Sage

Rod Oram gave a great presentation last week in Dunedin about Reinventing Paradise. He talked about this Government’s attacks on the Resource Management Act and how they are bad news not just for our environment but for our economy too. You can watch his whole talk here but one slide in particular caught my attention.

He captured perfectly the disconnect between what this Government is doing and what New Zealanders actually want.

Cities vs Government
What our cities want What it says we will get
Public Transport Roads
Quality urban design Some urban guidelines
Wide choices in housing Narrow choices in housing
Power to decide, act Strong central oversight
Enough investment Limited investment
New economy Old economy
Sustainability Economy – Environment “balance”
Local democracy Central intervention

The National Government’s chipping, or hacking, away at our environmental laws, our conservation staff, and our local democracy is a disaster for our environment and our economy.

I also gave a presentation at this event which you can watch here.

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