Maori TV exposes shameful treatment of Guarani Kaiowa people

Last night on “Native Affairs” there was a compelling story about the Guarani Kaiowa people of Brazil who have been violently displaced by the ethanol and soy bean farmers growing crops for biofuels on indigenous land.

Maori Television sent their own film crew to Brazil to tell the story of these abused people some of whom have been living on the side of the road next to their stolen lands for 14 years.

John Key was recently in Brazil on a trade mission, I wonder if such issues were discussed?

Tragic as this story is I am very grateful that Māori Television are proactive, globally aware and using their resources to tell the important stories that we all need to see and hear.

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  1. Yes, the Green party did ask for a percentage of alternative, renewable fuels to be added – then realised the mistake and admitted it. “Environmentally sustainable and socially responsible” got added to that – such basic principles in the charter that I think it was assumed to be understood. Clearly not, so have to be spelled out.
    Yup – made a mistake and admitted it. That doesn’t preclude Catherine from commenting on this – far from it. It has to be said so it doesn’t keep happening without protest.

  2. It was obvious from the start that enforced use of bio-fuels would lead to unsustainable and unethical production – and clearing of the very rainforest that was doing more to stop CO2 than the bio-fuels ever will.

    Remind me who voted for enforcing the whole country to have a percentage of bio-fuel in their petrol and diesel? (when that amount clearly couldn’t be obtained from sustainable production).

  3. I look forward to Maori TVs exposure of the holocaust perpetrated against the Moriori’s in the Chatham Islands….

  4. You know I’m waiting for the NZ Muslims to condemn this proposed event in the Maldives:

    But they don’t even have the courtesy to reply. I think I’ll be waiting a long time, and you can seek a response too, if you think barbaric acts perpetrated against the innocent are worthy of complaint?

    And how long will I also wait to see a New Zealand Prime Minister stand up and admit the Parliament s/he presides over has no right at all to impose his/her laws on Maori, as what is being done to these people in Brazil is exactly the same as what his/her ancestors did to Maori?

    Their land and culture and right to exist as a people was stolen.

  5. another example of the urban economic juggarnaut colonising the earth and acting like a nasty boil.

    Good on Maori Television, the most responsible media available in Aotearoa. As soon as the news is over I switch over and get educated.

    A good example of the myth that the market gets the best economic benefit from a resource. Most of the commercial channels are utter crap.

  6. by the ethanol and soy bean farmers growing crops for biofuels on indigenous land.

    Biofuels, you say…..

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