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Govt outsourcing arts funding

by Holly Walker

Pledgeme, a very cool crowdfunding platform for creative projects in New Zealand, is about to reach a pretty great milestone – raising a total of $1million for creative projects in New Zealand in just over a year.

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to fund something, and Pledgeme have set up a really successful website where creative projects, in areas including dance, film, photography, music, journalism and theatre, are able to raise the funds they need through online contributions from supporters.

Another crowdfunding platform for the arts sector was formally welcomed today by Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson. ‘Boosted’ , established by the Arts Foundation, is a philanthropic crowdfunding website for arts projects in New Zealand.

Given how successful Pledgeme has proven, I’m wondering whether we even need a new arts-only crowdfunding platform. Ultimately all arts funding is great and I commend the Arts Foundation for thinking creatively about generating new funds, but I’m concerned about the Minister’s enthusiastic response. Having a greater percentage of arts funding generated from philanthropy has been a priority of this Minister, but the Government shouldn’t just rely on everyone else to fund these projects. Philanthropy can never replace sufficient government support for the arts.

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