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Key in Brazil wooing Petrobras

by Gareth Hughes

Never one to turn down an opportunity to welcome a foreign oil company to drill in 100% Pure New Zealand’s waters, John Key currently in Brazil, is encouraging the Brazilian company Petrobras to return.

Petrobras left New Zealand and surrendered their drilling permits late last year after a concerted campaign by Te whānau a Apanui and others. The Government’s ‘extreme energy’ oil drilling plans are in tatters with Petrobras gone, Apache Oil gone, Anardarko delaying their activities and Solid Energy’s lignite coal plans kaput. Key is now resorting to desperate overseas pleas but should give it up and focus instead on real alternatives like clean energy and building manufacturing jobs.

I don’t know why Key would want to welcome them back when their risky exploratory deep sea oil drilling off the East Coast as we know that exploratory drilling is the riskiest phase and threatened to see oil washing up on the beaches.

It’s been amazing over summer watching the votes roll in on the Best Beach competition how we all love our beaches in New Zealand. Congratulations to the winner, Ohope Beach. They were so happy at winning around 300 of them did this great Harlem Shake on the beach. Check out the video.

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