Climate change – two dirty little words nobody wants to mention

by frog

pic of front page of the SST

The End of Farming As We Know It

On Friday Green Party climate spokesperson Kennedy Graham wrote about the droughts hurting our farmers and the connection with climate change so it was interesting  at the weekend to see the Sunday Star Times front page story about the drought.

Cool, I thought, now we finally get to have a conversation about climate change and doing our fair share.

Hard hitting story; “the end of farming as we know it” the “drought gripping North Island is the most severe in history”.

Yet… climate scientists Jim Salinger and James Renwick are quoted but not once in the piece are the words climate change used together.

There’s no conversation about the need for New Zealand to do its fair share nor international action urgently needed to head off disaster.

Solutions proposed included building more dams. Not less intensive dairying.

The country needs to start preparing for climate change, the effects are hitting now and we’re not ready because this National Government has its head in the sand.

There’s going to be plenty of that around at this rate.

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