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International Women’s Day

by Jan Logie

Today while I was sad to see fewer women in well-paid jobs I was very lucky to be able to celebrate, in brilliant sunshine, International Women’s Day with a wonderful and diverse group of women on the walk for peace.

“This Peace Walk for Women was organised to raise awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence in our hope and work towards the attainment of peace. We invite all women from all walks of life, from different religions and diverse beliefs, from different ethnicities and cultures to join the Walk. Walk to support the protest against violence on women and children. Walk to support protest against wars.”

I even got to release a dove as a symbolic gesture  – I may have to practice that.

It was wonderful to be with a group of women committed to keeping gender on the agenda. To tackle violence against women and children we also need to tackle all the other indicators of inequality because it all works in a system.

To do my bit towards peace in the year ahead I will: continue to consider what everything might mean for women; campaign for adequate funding for sexual abuse support services; support pay equity initiatives especially for aged care workers; continue to promote my equal pay bill; and listen to and speak up for everyone who is marginalised.

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