Holly Walker

Give postgrads a chance

by Holly Walker

Cutting student allowances to all postgraduates is short-sighted policy that pulls the rug out from under thousands of students. Many cannot work part-time due to course requirements to fill the deficit, meaning they will have to walk out of their courses.

It will also add millions to student debt as students who relied on allowances look to take out loans instead – where the maximum is less than a student allowance.

This week we set up an easy way for people to email Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce asking him to reinstate student allowances.

We’re nearly at one thousand submissions already, which is a fantastic response! Please add your voice if you haven’t already. It’s important that the Government hears how these changes will affect people in different ways: http://bit.ly/givepostgradsachance

We’re also working on a Member’s bill to reverse this policy change.

If you agree that the Government needs to give postgrads a chance, share this campaign!

Published in Society & Culture by Holly Walker on Fri, March 1st, 2013   

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