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More damn statistics and Women in Canterbury

by Jan Logie

I know I just wrote a post yesterday critiquing the Government’s choice of statistics, and no-one wants to read continual disputes over statistics but the following statements from Paula Bennett’s media release today are just too provoking:

“I also recall dire predictions that Cantabrians would go onto benefits in huge numbers post-quake, but in fact at most there were 6,324 on the Unemployment Benefit in June 2011,” says Mrs Bennett.

“That’s because firstly the Government spent $214 million on work subsidies to keep employers and workers in business and then continued a focus on helping business growth and getting people off welfare into work.”  Paula Bennett 28 Feb 2013

I wonder how the women in Canterbury feel about these statements when they consider the the Human Rights Commission report showing women accounted for 70% of the decrease in employment in Canterbury with the number of women in employment decreasing by 19,200, in the year to September 2011 and of the 4500 jobs that were created in 2011 women only got 8.9% of these.

The consequences of such a gendered impact may well be far reaching and limiting the Government’s response to a PR exercise to try and encourage young women into non-traditional jobs is absolutely inadequate.

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