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  1. Heading for a problem literally bigger than the planet? One we can do little to avoid?




    We’ve been warned before.

    The risk is considerable, as it is statistically certain that these events will happen. We don’t know the periodicity, not something we observed well in prehistory, but it is a massive potential risk.


  2. OK, the Auditor Generals report on the Sky City thing: I’m reading this at the moment, and the “officials” seem to be getting quite a hammering.

    Who are these “officials”?

  3. “twisting a cow’s tail to [e.g.] get them into milking sheds “seems to be reasonably widespread”

    “The claim of widespread tail twisting is disputed by the Ministry for Primary Industries.”

    Although it all depends on your definition of ‘widespread’; the MPI is wrong.

    Nevertheless, the MPI deserves credit for recently appealing a sentence of home detention for a dairy farmer who broke his cows tails, and hit them with a steel pipe and drove into them with his quad bike, braking hocks. The sentence was overturned and he got 2years jail.

  4. I suspect that on current form he will have divided the country sufficiently to be removed long before that. There is of course, a substantial dupe count here in NZ (people National is able to dupe into voting against their own best interest). How long that prevails is a matter of no small importance. Our job is to remove wool from eyes… the press may or may not help… and to keep our policies honest and well reasoned.

  5. Unlike dbuckley, I just can’t see into the future and predict with absolute surety as he can, the results of an election! What’s wrong with me???

    It’s all about the crystal balls 🙂

    I believe that JK will get rolled in 2020. I really, really hope I’m wrong, and it happens before then.

    Whatever replaces the JK administration better be worth the wait.

  6. Jackal says “Now where’s that Arana and Photon to tell us that polling doesn’t matter?”

    I saw the poll, but two years out from an election it’s as irrelevant as your poll, which is why I didn’t mention it – it doesn’t matter.

    And working out permeatations of who would be in govt, based on a poll nearly two years before an election, is a complete waste of time.

  7. Unlike dbuckley, I just can’t see into the future and predict with absolute surety as he can, the results of an election!
    What’s wrong with me???

  8. Yes. National probably will win the next election.

    With Labour AWOL, again!

    Amazing what lies, propaganda and demonising one part of the population can do.

    But. Labour does not seem to want to win. And if they do they just intend to be a slightly kinder version of National. Again!

    We probably need another 3 years of National’s fuckups, to make sure they never ever return.

  9. Gerrit said: “Is the populace “buying” the policies?”

    New glasses or not, one poll doesn’t make, break or change anything really. In the big scheme of things my belly button fluff probablly has just as much relevance as this one poll does 🙂

    The only true indicator will be on Election Day, after the votes have been counted!

  10. *sigh* It’s there right now. Not sure if it will show up later.
    You don’t need new glasses, you just need to read The Standard.


    Obvious points:

    – online polls can be made to “shave” votes eg only every third vote counts for one party, while every vote counts for another

    – online polls can be tricked to accept votes from the same person (use of flash cookie removal, history clearing, or the use of proxies).

    – could also be the demographic that views that particular site favours the left, and especially favours the Green party. This makes sense as supporters IMHO are better informed about issues and therefore much more likely to read about politics on Sunday.

  11. Should be CANNOT find the 27% being dreamed about. Maybe I need new glasses?

    What should be of more interest to the Labour/Greens is

    .The poll’s “government confidence rating” was down 2 points to 124.5 with 55 per cent saying the country was “heading in the right direction”, and 30.5 per cent (unchanged) saying it was heading in the wrong direction.

    Are the messages for alternative Labour/Greens polices being judged on their merit? Is the populace “buying” the policies?

    Would seem not as there is a clear divergence of opinion on the direction that the voters want to see the country drive forward versus those wanting a 180 degree turnaround.

    Labour/Green policies not hitting their voting block marks?

  12. Hugh Pavletich is “the man” on property issues. Here are his credentials:

    Fellow Urban Development Institute of Australia (FDIA)
    Former President –

    Southern Division – Property Council of New Zealand
    Co author – Annual

    Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

    If you want to look more closely at our immensely important housing issue, then I recommend the Cantabrians UNITE facebook page.


    The political left, especially, needs to look closely at what Hugh has to say. He has been through the bowels of property development and seen all its dramas (and bullshit) throughout his decades-long career. He is a true expert on this issue.

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