Benny Wenda’s Freedom Tour a great success

This week Benny Wenda from ‘Free West Papua’ and Jennifer Robinson of International lawyers for West Papua brought the “Freedom Tour” to Auckland and Wellington.

The Auckland day was hosted by the hard working “Indonesian Human Rights Committee.”

Wellington also went very well despite the lack of co-operation from the new Speaker David Carter and the predictable refusal to meet Benny Wenda from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Jennifer Robinson and Benny Wenda at the media briefing

The media forum which was effectively banned from parliament was well attended and only a robot would have not have been moved by Benny Wenda’s story of his childhood under Indonesian military rule and his experiences in prison.

Benny also stole our hearts with his musical performance while Jennifer Robinson laid out the political and legal position with great clarity. The call for independence for West Papua is clearly a call for peaceful change and respect for all citizens.

The international legal case against the colonisation of West Papua is simple. The Indonesians justified their occupation by a bogus referendum of about 1000 people at the point of a gun, the United Nations stood by while West Papua was appropriated for gold, timber and empire by Indonesia.

The situation today remains a disaster with state violence, hunger, political killing and torture and no access by international media or the International Red Cross. Benny Wenda initiated the International parliamentarians for West Papua a group of which I am a proud member as arer number of Green MPs locally and internationally. He is relying on our solidarity to keep the pressure on Indonesian for a peaceful dialogue.

It was great having MPs Maryan Street and Hone Harawira supporting the Wellington visit and showing their commitment to this issue being brought to light despite the appalling decisions by the Speaker and the Minsiter of Foreign Affairs.

Mana leader Hone Harawira and Labour MP Maryan Street join Benny Wenda, Jennifer Robinson and Catherine Delahunty on parliament’s steps.

It was also great to meet Dominic Brown maker of the film “Forgotten Bird of Paradise” made undercover in West papua who is travelling with Benny Wenda.

With some serious media coverage this week I am hopeful more New Zealanders have now heard of the situation in  West Papua and will support the Green challenge to the Government to work for a peace dialogue between west Papuan leaders and the Indonesian Government.

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  1. Yes supporting the American war of 1776, Gandhi against the British, Nelson Mendela against apartheid, and the plight of West Papua against Indonesian tyranny were and are ways to advance human rights.

    For global peace we MUST get the United Nations to admit that it had NO RIGHT to invite Indonesia to ‘administrate’ West Papua for these pass fifty years. The UN in 1962 wanted the $200M being offered by the US (via a bond scheme after Dag Hammarskjold’s death) and West Papua has been paying the price of that bribe ever since.

    How do I know the 1962 agreement was a UN trusteeship agreement under Chapter XII of the UN Charter ?
    Because the General Assembly and NOT the Security Council authorised UN occupation of West Papua, the exercise of UN force is only possible in Chapter VII and Chapter XII of the UN Charter; the Security Council handles Chapter VII and the General Assembly handles Chapter XII. The ‘New York Agreement’ is a UN Trusteeship agreement, and West Papua is a UN trust territory being administrated by Indonesia precisely as the UN summary says

    The trusteeship agreement has been hidden from the public for fifty years, now please stop the UN abuse of West Papua.

  2. Great success?
    No I don’t think so unless the Greens do something helpful – such as asking this question “is West Papua a United Nations trust territory?” I know the answer because I’ve read chapter 12 of the UN charter, read UN General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII) as per article 85 of the charter, and I’ve read this andother UN documents

    The law is the law, West Papua is an United Nations responsibility, it is a UN trust territory and therefore a responsibility of the UN Security Council / Trusteeship Council which are legally required to exercise articles 76, 87, and 88 of the UN charter for any colony the UN has chosen to occupy at any time.

  3. ‘the United Nations stood by while West Papua was appropriated for gold, timber and empire by Indonesia.’

    And the Greens TRUST this organization? Nuts.

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