Israel arrests Palestinian lawmakers

Recent actions by Israel show a concerning disregard for the fundamentals of international law.

Coming on top of the air raid on Syria, Israel have now carried out a sweeping series of raids, resulting in the arrest of around a number of Palestinians including three members of the Parliament.

The arrests are targeting members of Hamas which Israel regards as a terrorist organisation. Despite Israel’s concerns Hamas is widely supported and is the elected government of Gaza. Hamas tends to perceive the IDF in similar fashion.

Arresting politicians is never going to be a way to bring peace and stability to the region.

I intend to raise my concerns about recent Israeli actions with Israel’s ambassador.

Just as I shall raise concerns about military-style action against Israel with the Palestinian representative whom I shall be meeting shortly.

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  1. The odious stench of hypocrisy emanates from the State of Israel when they mention terrorist organisations. Well it takes one to know one, and the fanatical Zionists within the Israeli government should know what a terrorist smells like and looks like whenever they look in the mirror. As long as these extremists hold power there will never be peace. . .

    The 8+ metre high walls erected by Israel restricting freedom of movement of the Palestinian people are separatism and apartheid in action. Moreover, these walls constitute an open-air concentration camp where the government of Israel enforces on-going trade sanctions and embargos. These actions are cruel and abhorrent – a crime against humanity.

    Blatant disregard for international law shown by Israel is again illustrated by their illegal occupation of Palestine. Jewish settlers occupying the West Bank continue their illegal land grabs on a routine basis. Our government stays silent while crimes are being committed by Israel. A recent UN inquiry highlights Israel’s blatant violation of international law by attempting to drive out Palestinians through intimidation, stating, “Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions.”

    The National government will unlikely seek to punish let alone criticise the Israeli government – as our beloved president, I mean prime minister has shown – wherever the United States goes we will blindly follow. Notwithstanding John Key’s Jewish lineage, the prospect of this government seeking justice via the UN / International Criminal Court isn’t gong to happen. So Israel will continue to violate human rights, they will continue to use illegal weapons such as white phosphorus against civilian populations, carry on with drone strikes in Gaza, continue to stockpile a nuclear arsenal which they prevent IAEA inspections refusing to adhere to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, continue violating international law by killing protesters in international waters as with the Free Gaza Flotilla.

    I agree the Israeli Embassy in Wellington should be closed indefinitely until there is real commitment not only in words, but also in actions to obtain absolute peace. However, as long as the Israeli lobby group AIPAC has a stranglehold over the US political establishment [ neo-conservatives / congress ] there will be no policy shift by the worlds #1 superpower – therefore no peace in the Middle East. Moreover, as long as the international community stands by and fails to bring about justice for the crimes committed by Israel there will never be peace.

    It would be good to finally read a headline that says, “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ARRESTS ISRAELI LAWBREAKERS”

  2. Good to see the Green Party are concerned about the peace loving Syrians having the freedom to move its Iranian supplied weapons into Lebanon.

    You mean as opposed to being concerned with the apparent freedom that the peace loving Israeli Defence Force has to discharge their American made weapons into the sovereign nation of Syria in contravention of International Law with impunity?

    Mark me down as concerned.

  3. Like many controversies there is a difference of opinion. Certainly, the Jewish scriptures and subsequent comentators give license to a hardline or moderate approach – either being in accordance with the position the reader wishes to take:

    Sane people realise this is a war pitting one the hateful aspects of one ideology against the hateful aspects of another. In this context it seems unsolvable.

  4. Enough with “raising concerns”.

    Until Israel starts acting as a responsible member of the international community they should be treated as an apartheid, pariah state.

    Step one for New Zealand – close the Israeli Mission.

    Where we are brave enough to start, others will follow.

  5. It seems that Israel is now following USA’s lead & saying its OK to strike other sovereign nations that they choose to brand as terrorists. (in Israel’s case : the whole (Muslim) middle east ?)

    Its time that the UN had the guts to stand up & say “enough is enough” before this turns NUCLEAR !


  6. The hundreds of thousands fleeing Syria being massacred by its government haven’t had your attention for around nine months, and you dare mention Israel’s air raid when Syria routinely bombs its own people, armed ably by Russia, maintaining its military base there (you’d call it neo-colonialism if it was the US).

    That’s the elephant in the room while you undertake the traditional Israel beat up, ignoring wholesale slaughter next door – because, in fact, the policy you support, of Western non-intervention, is letting Syrians murder each other because Russia is intervening. Of course anti-Syrian government mercenaries are opposed by you.

    The Hamas Covenant invokes the killing of Jews, notes the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, it routinely tortures and imprisons political opponents, it openly expresses a culture of celebrating death and martyrdom.

    Israel is no angel and it certainly should freeze settlements and seek to negotiate, but your moral equivocation of IDF with Hamas is ludicrous. Israeli Arabs, if they got their act together, could elect the second largest party in the Knesset, but they vote three ways and many don’t vote at all – more rights than most Arabs have.

  7. Good to see the Green Party are concerned about the peace loving Syrians having the freedom to move its Iranian supplied weapons into Lebanon

  8. Keep up the great work in this area, Kennedy, the Greens are the only Party with a conscience and the courage to speak out against these obvious breaches of human rights.

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