Under-unionised work force not an asset

by frog

Hey the world – New Zealanders are smart but poorly paid and not that many are protected by unions. Wahay come on down and go for it! I’ll change the laws to make it even better for y’all!!! LOL

Yours sincerely,

John Key.

The New Zealand Herald today reported how John Key sees the lack of union protection for many Kiwi workers as a selling point for film-makers.

Documents we obtained under the Official Information Act also highlighted that most of the jobs film-making bought to New Zealand were insecure and short-term and didn’t pay too well.

Well that’s ambitious for New Zealand workers – John Key thinks low pay and poor conditions are a marketing point.

We want to see a strong vibrant film industry but we don’t think the way to achieve that is to pay poorly and undermine workers’ rights.

John Key changed our labour laws at the request of Warners.

That was an unnecessary move but just shows how little John Key values Kiwi workers and how much he rates being able to rub shoulders with movie moguls.

The documents we received also highlight how big a deal to Hollywood intellectual property issues are and while Kim Dotcom is not named in the sections released publicly obviously his extradition was going to be a hot topic despite Key telling media he wouldn’t be discussed.

The Greens support a strong vibrant film industry for New Zealand.  We support jobs in what is on the whole a ‘knowledge industry’ sector.  We acknowledge the marketing benefits movies like the Hobbit offer to our economy.

But we also acknowledge the fact that New Zealand taxpayers gave over $100 million in subsidies for the making of these movies.

We don’t need to sell our laws or our workers short to support the industry.

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