Kevin Hague

JT does the time warp, again

by Kevin Hague

The John Tamihere Horror Show has returned and is not so much about a jump to the left or a step to the right, but a giant leap backward into some weird chauvinistic 1960s time warp where “no fat chicks” or gays are allowed.

For that he’s been called a charming rogue, who represents the backbone of traditional left.

Rubbish. The working class (half of whom are women) is no more represented by Tamihere’s anachronistic views about women, than the business community was by Alasdair Thompson when he blamed a lack of promotion of women on the fact they get a monthly period. Thompson, incidentally, was fired for that remark.

There is nothing charming, or roguish about a privileged man who is so threatened by women that all he can do is call them fatties and front bums.

If he really wants to grow up, as former Labour president Mike Williams insists he has, he’ll need to break away from the pre-adolescent planet he’s been stuck on.

He may have been king of the sandpit castle once. But the rest of the world has moved on.


Published in Media | Parliament | Society & Culture by Kevin Hague on Wed, December 5th, 2012   


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