Adams and Yellow, make the call on phone books

Every year around 6.5 million phone books are printed and distributed across New Zealand, many to households that don’t read, need or want to receive them.

Pretty common sight of unused phone books in apartment buildings.

It’s crazy that in 2012 you don’t have a choice if you want to receive a phone book or not.  Have a look at the story Close Up ran on it. The 6.5 million phone books Yellow distribute annually have a big environmental footprint and with many Kiwis accessing this information online they are increasingly obsolete.

Yellow Pages Group should to an opt-in system or at least give the Kiwis the ability to opt-out of receiving these books. It is important that those who still want to receive a phone book can, and an opt-in or opt-out system would ensure that.

New Zealand is well behind the practise of other countries. Belguim, Germany and San Francisco have an opt-in system and many other countries give businesses and households the ability to opt-out such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I’ve written to Communications Minister Amy Adams and Yellow Pages Group asking that they consider giving Kiwis the ability to opt-in or at least opt-out of receiving telephone books.

What do you think, would you prefer to opt-in, to opt-out or keep the status quo?