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Natural Health Bill back from select committee

by Mojo Mathers

We are happy to see the Natural Health and Supplementary Products bill has passed its next hurdle with the select committee reporting back yesterday, and now will be returning to the house. Some might remember Sue Kedgley supporting industry objections to Labour’s proposal to hand over our regulator powers on Natural Health to Australia. Sue oversaw the introduction of the legislation, which ensures that regulation will remain within NZ.

Since picking up this portfolio,  I have been working hard in Select Committee, and through the MOU process, to ensure we get the best outcome we can.

Along the way we have made some good wins including:

  • A list of approved pharmacopoeia that can be used as a source of traditional evidence for health benefit claims. This will make things much easier for product notifiers to provide evidence to support their claims as will now be required under the bill,
  • Exemption for homeopathic products from product notification,
  • Clauses to guide the authority’s setting of fees,
  • Natural Health experience and expertise on the advisory committee,
  • Government funding to help with the initial set up and post-market costs.

National has agreed to keep the Green Party closely involved in the regulation making process. This will enable us to keep working to ensure we get good outcomes that fairly balance consumers right to access natural health products that are safe, accurately labelled and true to claim without being overly onerous on the industry.

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