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Sharpen up Business NZ

by Holly Walker

Does Business New Zealand’s Paul Mackay really think that all the mums that take the first year of their child’s life off work come back less competent than their colleagues. Really?

His comparison of mothers returning from parental leave being like rugby players trying to get back on the ‘top team’ straight away left me pretty gobsmacked yesterday.

In submitting on Sue Moroney’s Bill to extend paid parental leave, we heard Business New Zealand’s views that employers “may well think hard before again employing a woman of child bearing age”.

Never mind that this sort of discrimination is illegal, I’ve seen parents come back from parental leave sharper, more passionate, and with new skills and abilities that they bring to their work.

I wonder if today Paul Mackay might have an Alasdair Thompson style hangover.

Published in Economy, Work, & Welfare by Holly Walker on Thu, October 25th, 2012   

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