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Revenue Minister Peter Dunne on 60 Minutes on Sunday night endorsed “legitimate tax avoidance”.

That’s an unusual position for the minister responsible for tax collection to take, and quite different from his views of the past:

Tax tightening covers asset sales shortfall: Dunne
NZ Herald Wednesday June 20, 2012

The Inland Revenue Department’s clampdown on tax avoidance and loopholes will bridge the gap left by the Government’s planned sell-down of its energy company holdings, according to Revenue Minister Peter Dunne.

“Where those gaps have been identified, they’ve been closed. That will continue to be the policy,” Dunne said. “Our focus is on getting in the revenue that is property due to us.”

Address to IFA annual conference
16 March, 2012

“I am more focused on making sure we collect the revenue currently legitimately due to us through our broad based, low rate system, before embarking on new taxes, which almost inevitably would fall more harshly on some than others.”

Database to reveal the real charities
Dominion-Post 29 December, 2011

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said tax avoidance among charities was part of the IRD’s brief “to focus strongly on areas of possible tax avoidance across all sectors of the economy”.

Speech to NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants
11 November, 2011

“A range of existing rules in the Income Tax Act better target tax avoidance arrangements involving gifts.
And last year’s Budget further reduced opportunities for avoidance by aligning the trust and top personal rates.”

Dunne delighted with Penny and Hooper decision
Media Statement 24 August 2011

“It is important to the integrity of New Zealand’s tax system that everyone pays their fair share of tax,” said Mr Dunne.

Under-table cash jobs not fair go, says Milne
New Zealand Herald 16 August, 2011

“Part of the problem has been the New Zealand psyche to put one over the IRD with `mates rates’ or nod-and-wink jobs. That’s fine for those people, but the revenue lost is made up by everyone else – we all end up paying a little bit more,” Mr Dunne said.

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