AMP Do Your Thing Scholarship voting coming to a close!

The AMP Do Your Thing Scholarship is all about helping Kiwis ‘do great things’ from rocket-building to opera singing. Over the past 14 years, their scholarships have helped aspiring Kiwis achieve outstanding things across a number of fields.

As  NZ’s first deaf MP I am thrilled to see the number of people entered this year whose ‘thing’ is focused on the Deaf and Deafblind communities in Aotearoa.

While the following applicants cover quite different areas, they all contribute to the enhancement or inclusion of Deaf and Deafblind people.

I hope that you will be motivated to vote for one of the following candidates in the People’s Choice Award.

Elinor Cuttiford

Elinor’s  ‘thing’ is to provide specialist Deafblind communication & technology advice.

I will travel to Deafblind organisations in Asia, Europe & America to find the best methods of Deafblind communication & technology available”

Jared Flitcroft

Jared’s  ‘thing’ is Deaf filmmaker

“I want to continue to make compelling films that tell stories from a Deaf point of view, in collaboration with other Deaf, and hearing filmmakers.”

Nicola Clements

Nicola’s ‘thing’ is making theatre & arts events more accessible to the Deaf Community.

“Have you ever been denied access to theatre or an arts event? Deaf people are every day. Odd Socks will enable Deaf people to access theatre & the arts”.

I’d like to encourage you all to vote (it only costs a click) and I wish the applicants well in their endeavour to do their ‘thing’. Remember voting ends on 30 September 2012.

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