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by Metiria Turei

Today I started the Live Below the Line challenge where I spend no more than $2.25 a day for 5 days. Please donate to help raise funds to eliminate poverty around the world.

Thankfully, Jan and Denise are doing it too, which will make it better and easier because we are allowed to combine funds. I’m not worried about eating less, lord knows I have enough stored, but I do think I am at real risk of forgetting.

I am always astounded by how much food there is around. Along most city streets one out of every three or four shops sells food. There is a great abundance of food in most of our lives. And if we are privileged enough to have enough, we just dont see that abundance.

Many years ago, I was doing it hard, living in Wellington on the dole. One night I had 2 bucks left and I was really hungry, so I bought a pie at the service station up the road and it was foul, genuinely inedible, and I cried. I was too young and too miserable to take it back. And I was furious, no money, no food, not a chance in hell of anything changing. There was food everywhere but, on that day, none for me.

And thats what I dont want to forget. There is food everywhere and now, like many, I buy food all the time without ever thinking about how much there is around me. Or it’s real cost. Or about those who dont have enough to buy it, here and elsewhere.

I will be angry with myself if I get distracted and forget that I am on this challenge. It will indicate a blasé attitude to food that can’t be justified in an increasingly unequal world, let alone and increasingly unequal country, where kids go everyday seeing all this food around them but not having enough money for it. And going hungry.

I am raising funds for Oxfam, who support great work overseas, but in NZ as well. I hope you help me raise money, by donating to the campaign

Jan, Denise and Metiria LBTL Lunch

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