GE – ‘palpable tumours’ and ‘monster weeds’

I wish these words were exaggeration, but they’re not. Both are terms used in reports I have read this morning.

There’s new evidence just released that Roundup Ready corn causes the growth of tumours and death in a long term feeding study.

On top of that there is this report that because of the use of this corn in the US since the 1990’s they now suffer from weeds that are so strong “that even spraying them with 24 times the recommended dose of Roundup fails to kill them”.

GE and overexposure of chemicals are inseparable bedfellows.

My Members Bill to put a moratorium on the release of GE in New Zealand didn’t get drawn out of the ballot today but I am hoping it will soon so that we can make it law and put a stop to this GE madness.

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  1. We called for a ban on it WELL before this particular study. It makes NO sense for New Zealand to move down this path right now.

    None whatsoever.

    It is among the stupidest and most short sighted things that anyone could conceivably propose.

    Once we abandon GE free, we can NEVER regain that status. As a remote island of considerable size we actually may be one of very few places on the planet that can RETAIN that status… and it is not unlikely that it will in the future, pay us premiums in terms of the prices our produce commands.

    If NOT, then since there is no obstacle EVER, to permitting the GE crops to come in, there is no reason to hurry that process. We can wait for the studies to be replicated and refined. We can wait for a generation… or two… and see what transpires. There is no hurry.

  2. Probably should have looked into this study in a bit more detail before promoting it on your blog and calling for a withdrawal. The expert response is less than impressed with the study, the chief problems being use of a rat-line susceptible to tumours (20 – 30% of the control group rats also developed large tumours) and a dodgy application of statistics.

  3. Or does the Roundup resistance maize fail to break down the Roundup allowing its concentration to increase?

    GM is a tool, and like most tools it is easily misused – often because it is the cheapest or nearest tool in the tool box rather than the best tool. Using GM to develop fruits or vegetables with higher levels of vitamins done with care might be useful. Using GM to develop plants that are unnaturally resistant to specific herbicides runs a variety of risks including transfering that resistance to weeds, or affecting some other characteristic of the plant – possibly even making it toxic. Part of the problem is that the unnatural modifications may get into the wild – much safer to transfer already natural characteristics to similar organisms that lack that characteristic or have a weaker version.


  4. “Ten groups of ten rats were fed varying combination of maize, GM maize and the weedkiller: three were fed diets containing different proportions of Roundup resistant maize at 11, 22 and 33 percent; three were fed water laced with varying quantities of Roundup; three were fed both; and others were fed normal maize as a control. The study ran over a two year period.”

    “Perhaps more importantly, the findings show that NK603 and Roundup cause similar damage to rat health whether they’re consumed together or on their own.”

    The question I’m left asking is whether it is the GM corn itself or excessive pesticide residues from the corn?

  5. Spam – if you like PLEASE feel free to call this a ban.

    I’d ban GE crops here in a heartbeat.

    Moreover, I would, if I were in Oz or the USA and had the deep pockets to do it, sue Monsanto’s butt off for what they’ve done. It was and is, criminal.

    More to the point for New Zealand however, is the fact that these stories and others, point out what is likely to become a future reality… where our GE FREE crops will in fact draw premium prices because, unlike any other place on the planet, we’ve managed to keep the stuff from getting a foothold… and unlike just about any other place on the planet, we can probably KEEP if from getting in.

    If someday we decide that we want to go down this one-way dead-end street, the way is always open.

    I wouldn’t recommend it. I regard anyone who does as an idiot.

    Introducing GE crops into NZ is not an idea to be discarded lightly…

    It needs to be hurled with great force.

  6. Have Greens started using “moratorium” as a synonym for “ban” because of adverse attention garnered when people search “ban” on this site?

  7. The trouble with GE is that the putative benefits have never been convincing. But care with the scaremongering. Humanity once found blood transfusions abhorrent. Is there not a middle way? – provide for GE with criteria to govern what can be done and how?

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