Don’t Frack with NZ postcard launched

If you have been watching the news or following Parliament lately you will have seen the Green Party shed light on poor fracking practice and highlight the threat that fracking poses to local environments and communities. The impacts of this industry are not just localised however as it further threatens our country’s clean green reputation and our vision for a renewable energy future that is good for the climate.

To mark a new phase in our campaign to protect our health and environment, this week we’re launching our Don’t Frack with NZ postcard.

We will be sending out the Don’t Frack with NZ postcards, along with fracking infopacks, to our local branches and groups working on fracking. These postcards are an easy and important way we can connect with more people around the country, inform them of the risks of fracking, and let them add their name to growing list of individuals and councils who are calling for a moratorium on fracking until it is proven to be safe.  If you would like some sent to you email me at

This postcard launch also marks the closing of the Frack-No! petition which has successfully gathered thousands of signatures thanks to the hard work of many of you. The petition finishes on August 10th so if you have any signed forms out there please return them as soon as possible to me at Gareth Hughes MP, Bowen House, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and shared it with others, I will presenting it soon to the Government to show that an increasing number of New Zealanders don’t want fracking in New Zealand.

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