Fracking without consents in Waikato

Last night the Green Party revealed that state-owned coal miner Solid Energy in 2007 used the controversial fracking process in its Waikato coal seam gas operations without a consent. Waikato Regional Council has since said it should have been consented.

It is outrageous that a state owned enterprise could frack without consent and I think it highlights that fracking is not well regulated in New Zealand. It is disappointing that Waikato Regional Council then went on and gave permission in 2010 to Solid Energy to continue doing it with no public notification.

I also wonder if he will continue to stand by his statement that fracking has been done very, very well and there’s been no effects on the environment whatsoever? What we’ve seen is poor practices in Taranaki with groundwater contamination, numerous consents being breached and a council that wasn’t even aware of 11 frack sites, fracking fluid dumped down a Southland stream which the council there wasn’t even aware happened and now in the Waikato fracking occurring at very shallow depths without consents.

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  1. Gareth – who will stand by their statement? You didn’t give any names or positions.


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