Julie Anne Genter

Public servants go on scrapheap while consultants cash in

by Julie Anne Genter

Tough financial times? Not if you’re a consultant working for the National Government on one of its poor priority pet projects.

Today’s revelation that the Government has spent $200 million in the past three years for transport consultants to work on its roads of national significance reveal a stunning waste of money.

The roads are not a sensible use of cash at any time let alone when finances are tight.

The money would be much better invested in improving existing roads, public transport and better walking and cycling routes.

While nearly all Government departments haven’t had any budget increases and have had to shed staff the Government is happy to shell out for its ideologically motivated policies that won’t actually help the country’s economy.

The Government spent over $9m on its botched Foreign Affairs Ministry restructure and is paying out about $120m to contractors to sell off our assets.

I’m not saying consultants can’t deliver good value, but these projects don’t justify the cost, which does seem very high.

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