Gareth Hughes

EEZ Bill makes risky deep-sea drilling E-Z

by Gareth Hughes

Today the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Economic Effects) Bill (EEZ BILL) was reported back from the Local Government and Environment Select Committee.

The bill regulates activities like drilling for oil and gas in the EEZ plugging a huge legislative and regulatory gap that the Greens have called for action on for years. It’s vital that New Zealand has sound environmental management of our oceans and we voted to send the Bill to select committee where we hoped to improve it, however it wasn’t to be.

Ultimately the EEZ bill contains too many serious flaws and risks our environment so we will be opposing it in future readings. We’ll be introducing a number of amendments to try and remedy the many problems with it.

Eugenie Sage and I have outlined our views on the bill in our minority report which you can read here.