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Green policies translated into NZ Sign Language

by Mojo Mathers

In what is a first for a political party in New Zealand and possibly the world, I am thrilled that the Green Party has  marked New Zealand Sign Language week by getting parts of our website translated into New Zealand Sign Language ( NZSL).

This step means Deaf New Zealanders can now learn more about Green Party policies and values in their first language.

The Green Party has undertaken this step  as part of our wider commitment to improving access to political information which we believe to be essential to a healthy democracy.

On the topic of improving access to our democratic processes, I am thrilled to see that the Electoral Commission is now accepting MMP Review submissions in NZSL

And you can make a submission here.

Published in Health & Wellbeing | Media | Society & Culture by Mojo Mathers on Fri, May 4th, 2012   

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