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Food industry free to feed us what they like

by Mojo Mathers

My concern about this recent study is not so much that our fast food has more salt than other countries, but that our food industry has such unconstrained power to influence our diets.

The Food Industry Group’s position to maintain a self regulatory approach to levels of salt, sugar and fat in our food is obviously failing New Zealanders, hurting our health and costing us. The Auckland DHB have estimated that cardiovascular disease costs the country between $602 and $812 million every year and it is our second leading cause of death.

The UK Government have set specific targets for the industry to reach in terms of reducing salt and have been working with industry to help achieve these reductions. It doesn’t seem fair that it is easier for British people to hake healthier choices than it is for us New Zealanders.

I don’t think that our health should be left in the sole charge of the industry; our Government should follow the UK model and work with industry to set targets for reformulation of products.

Published in Environment & Resource Management by Mojo Mathers on Fri, April 20th, 2012   

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