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  1. Andrew – I disagree with your statement that “greed goes both ways”
    Greedy people are those who want much more than they need. The extremely highly paid are greedy. Those on the bottom are asserting their right to get what they need, fair pay and conditions, that‘s not greed.

    The concise oxford dictionary defines greed as “ insatiate longing esp. for wealth or food” and just in case anyone needs to know ‘insatiate’ means never satisfied.

  2. A Corporation is created as a sociopath, incapable of focusing on the long term well being of the society in which it exists, and often even its workers and customers.

    The profit motive is the only one it is truly born with, all others are forced into or onto it by government or the individuals who run it.

    Yet we offer this entity the same rights as any citizen.

    This is one of the problems of our current societal mix. The inhumanity of some of its “citizens”.

    No Saints, true. Yet I don’t think PoA was in anything like a parlous state. A profit target of 12% is pretty darned good and that asserted target is backed up by PoA and the council management group as being “easily achievable”. They supply numbers for past years that seem to indicate that this is true. So if the profit is easily had with the workers contract being what it was, then who are the parents of THIS action.

    An assertion that raising the target does not have something to do with the current difficulties fails the smell test, though it is notoriously difficult to prove causality. Hard to be sure of it, but the effort to break the Union, which is clearly what this is, does not seem to have any other realistic cause.

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