Gareth Hughes

Bus review needs to electrify Wellington

by Gareth Hughes

Electrify Wellington buses

Big changes are ahead for our buses and the regional council wants to know what you think. Today I launched our easy electronic submission guide alongside 11 barrels of oil — the amount of oil our electric trolley bus fleet saves Wellington each day.

The regional council’s bus review is proposing to abandon electric trolley buses on the revised routes to Seatoun and the Aro Valley. This is incredibly short-sighted. The use of high-tech trolley buses should be expanding throughout Wellington, not going backwards.

Some of the efficiency gains in the review are good but it is essential that the trolley buses and overhead wires are fully utilised and provisions for a future light rail network are integrated into the review.

I love the trolleys. The trolleys are iconic to Wellington, make our city more liveable, and safeguard commuters and the council against oil price increases. Powered mostly by the wind, the council saves approximately $940,000 in diesel costs every year and over 1.5 million KGs of carbon emissions.

The review deadline is this Friday so don’t delay using our handy Wellington City bus review submission guide.