Julie Anne Genter

Day 8 – Made it!

by Julie Anne Genter

For those of you who have followed my journey, I figured I’d better let you know that I made it safe, sound, and not even too fatigued at the Keep the Coal in the Hole summer festival south of Mataura.

A bit anti-climactic, isn’t it?

I woke early this morning, and headed for the hilly route west along the Clinton-Mataura highway. It was a great 50km ride on reasonably still and chilly morning. I got to the festival just in time for morning tea.

I’ll post an epilogue with some reflections on the journey and the festival after it has ended. So far it’s been a day of very productive and interesting conversations, delicious nourishing (and unquestionably ethical food), and some great live music. I’m very keen to see what the community open day tomorrow will yield.

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