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More problems with Skynet

by Gareth Hughes

It is becoming more apparent every day that providing legal alternatives to file-sharing would have been more effective, easier and cheaper than the cumbersome, complex and ultimately futile Skynet Law.

Tech Liberty co-founder David Zanetti has blogged that the first few notices issued in New Zealand under the new law do not appear to comply with the legislation and regulations.

Zanetti noted a number of problems with the notices posted to the 3strikes forum such as the description of the type of work alleged to have been infringed, date and time alleged offence occurred and the type of file sharing application used.

It’s concerning that the notices also make the threat of internet suspension despite a select committee ‘compromise’ leaving this up to the Minister of Commerce to decide to enact (he hasn’t yet) oh, and in face of the United Nations asserting that suspension is a breach of human rights.

Orcon spokesperson Quentin Reade told Fairfax NZ News it was “seeking legal clarification on the matter”, and would look at changing the infringement notices they send out if necessary.

This complex and confusing law has so many unanswered questions like these that won’t be resolved till they hit the Copyright Tribunal and possibly even higher courts leaving everyone in limbo.

This law is an absolute mess and won’t even solve the problem. As research from Germany shows, increasing availability of digital content demonstrates one can combat internet piracy without huge costs, a new bureaucracy, and infringing basic rights.


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