The Christmas story: Russel Norman’s Address in Reply speech

“These are the values that help to lay down the essential nature of what it means to be human and guide us to live a ‘good’ life – good to ourselves, good to one another, and good to the world in which we make our livelihoods.” – Russel Norman. Address in Reply speeches are long, so it is in two parts. Go, Russel!

A transcript is here for those who cannot access the video.

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  1. good to ourselves, good to one another, and good to the world in which we make our livelihoods.” – Russel Norman. Address in Reply speeches are long, so it is in two parts. Go, Russel!Realy .. gr8 speech

  2. @Frank
    I thought long and hard about voting Green as a Christian, but Russel Norman’s speech pretty much sums up WHY I voted Green in the end.

    As well as having a strong faith, my education has largely been in scientific disciplines, particularly life sciences, so I know full well that the economic concept of endless growth is an artificial construct by economists who probably failed basic high school science, as it has no parallel in the natural world.

    I’m not a religous pluralist, and liberals might even label me fundamentalist, although fundamentalists will no doubt label me liberal, however even as an atheist, Dr. Norman has hit on a great deal of the Christian message as well or better than any preacher.
    Somehow the Christian message has been perverted over the centuries, so that anything goes as long as you attain a happy eternity, but I believe that happy eternity starts right here, right now, with a personal responsibility to all that God has created. For those who say they believe in God, but don’t care about the things God made, perhaps they’re actually more atheist than Dr. Norman?

  3. AS a Christian I truly appreciate this speech. Everything Russel has articulated in this speech is why I vote Green and why I work for TEAR Fund NZ, a Christian international aid and development agency working to serve the world’s poorest.

    The Christmas story of Christian tradition, whether one believes it or not, has an extremely counter cultural message that inherently challenges some of our societal norms here in New Zealand and indeed, throughout the west. To see that challenge articulated so well in Parliament was extremely satisfying.

    Dr Norman, thank you.

  4. @Carol 7:16 AM

    Interesting that The Standard have a post up highlighting David Shearer’s Address in Reply speech, but many of the comments in that thread, including yours Carol, praise the quality of Russel Norman’s speech by comparison.

  5. I have long been a supporter of Metiria Turei, and haven’t been that keen on Russel. However, Russel’s speech yesterday hit the right note for me. This is the kind of principled articulation I want to hear from a left wing party, with the integration of political, social, environmental and economic values.

    I did think Russel’s speech was a bit slow to get going or get my interest, but once he warmed up I was very pleased to hear what he had to say.

    Also kudos for Metiria for making a stand on Peter’s racist and sexist comment.

    I’m still not keen on the memorandum of understanding as it does more to bolster National’s Green credentials that it provides in substantial Green actions. But I’m glad that The Greens rejected the idea of Confidence and Supply abstentions, have made a commitment to oppose destructive government policies, and kicked off the new term with a speech that expressed a comprehensive outline of core values.

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