Good Green gains in final election results

by frog

The final election results are out, and the great news is that the Greens have achieved an historic high of 11.06% of the party vote.  That gives us one additional MP to the election night count – the talented Mojo Mathers.

Mojo’s election will cause a shake-up in the way things work around Parliament.  Shamefully, the proceedings of Parliament have been pretty much inaccessible to the Deaf Community until transcripts appear on the Parliamentary website , sometimes days after the event. Mojo being profoundly deaf means that will have to change to ensure her ability to participate.  That will have big positive spin-offs for the Deaf Community’s participation in the Parliamentary process.

The Greens in Parliament will now have the advantage of being able to cover every Select Committee, and our MPs will each be able to focus more strongly on a smaller number of spokesperson roles.

From an organisational perspective, the election result gives the Greens a great base to build on to further increase our party vote and become a significant player in a progressive Government in 2014.  We have lots of people who have for the first time ever not just voted Green but been involved in campaigning for the Greens.

A few statistical highlights are:

  • Almost a quarter of a million voters (247,370) cast their party vote for the Greens
  • In Waiariki the Green party vote increased by 221%

And perhaps the best news of all is that MMP is here to stay:

  • In the referendum, 58% of valid votes supported sticking with MMP, with only 42% wanting to change to any other electoral system
  • The strongest vote for any other electoral system was actually “informal” votes – i.e. more voters (33%) either declined to pick another electoral system preference or spoiled their ballot paper for that part of the referendum than voted for any of the alternatives to MMP that the referendum provided

With MMP secure, we can now consider ways to improve it and make it even more democratic and representative.

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