Bringing Parliament to the people

Thanks to social media, it’s much easier for people in the community to engage with their politicians. Instead of holding their hands up in long town hall meetings, they can just log in to Facebook or Twitter and tap a few keys.

This is why we at the Green Party take social media seriously. It’s an opportunity for us to make ourselves available to you and show that we’re real people caring about our country. This isn’t just about being hip; it’s about being good public representatives.

We’re not alone in thinking we do a pretty good job. This morning on TV ONE’s Breakfast, Matty McLean did a story about the Greens having the most Klout — social media impact. I’m proud to say I was ranked in top place, ahead of John Key and Phil Goff. Despite being a smaller party than National or Labour, we have three politicians in the top ten — Kevin Hague (tied for 4th) and Russel Norman (9).

But our high rankings don’t mean we’re doing everything right. Parliament can be a bit of an Ivory Tower at times, so to help us engage even better with the community, I’d love to hear from you about what you think we could do better. And it’d be good to also know what you think we are doing right.

If you’re not yet friends with us on Facebook or following us on Twitter, you’ll find links to all our MPs’ pages and accounts here. And here you’ll find our official Green Party Facebook page, which btw, has the most fans per capita for a political party in OECD English speaking countries.

But it’s not just about FB and Twitter. We’ve also launched various successful online campaigns including Hey Kiwi and Aroha NZ. To connect with people that usually wouldn’t realise MPs are interested in hearing from them, I’ve also done a few AMAs (ask me anything chat forums) on Reddit and Game Planet.

What matters more than what we do online, is that you get out and vote tomorrow. And, of course, Party Vote Green!

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  1. phil

    I would agree, they have under utilised the medium. However I feel they may have done better with it than other parties. My feeling is the success they have had using this medium, has been due to the action of a few, done off their own initiative, not a organisational initiative. I’m not saying they are incompetent, as they are not, it’s just a matter of the left hand does not understand what the right hand is doing. Also they have a limited amount of resources to throw at this. That’s just a feeling though, and I would like to know if I’m wrong on this.

  2. terrasea..

    they have done bugger-all different/new…

    ..since forever..

    ..i have actually been dismayed by their total under-utilising of this resource…’d think frogblog wd be all over the campaign.. hasn’t been..


  3. I’m very interested in how organisations can communicate with the wider community using the Internet. It’s not enough these days to just stick up a website and communicate through the website alone. You need to include other means like the social media your talking about. Also providing a API like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google do goes a long way towards communicating with the consumers of your product.

    I could see the Green party benefiting from creating iPhone and Android applications as a means of communicating with the public. With HTML5 that is becoming easier to do these days.

    I would be interested in what strategy the Green party is using to take advantage of this new medium that is opening up, and continuously changing for us.

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