Odds against women in the Pay Equity Wheel of Fortune

On Saturday, I went to the Grey Lynn festival to talk to people about our women’s policy, and draw attention to the inequities between women and men when it comes to paid work.














We invited festival goers to spin the Pay Equity Wheel of Fortune – Show Me The Money!

They might land on the job of John Key’s female cleaner, paid $14 per hour after 19 years. Or they might land on the job in banking, a sector overwhelmingly dominated by men, at a starting rate of $43.60 hour.

The odds are against women when it comes to receiving fair pay. That’s why Equal Pay is one of our key priorities this election.

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  1. Everyone at my work place already knows each others income.

    I think it would be a good way of outing those overpaid management types who contribute little. And an incentive to pay more to the people who really carry a company.

    Anyone who has read my posts probably has a good idea about mine.

  2. Valis says “That’s bullshit.”

    Indeed, Catherines sexist and discriminatory comments/policies are just that, but I’ll not use such language.

  3. Kerry,

    Thanks for that link in the General Debate. Not very good link as I keep getting virus alerts on the various links on the bottom of the page.

    Cant get an actual look at the tax paid by whom tables. Seems like you only get to look if you are a registered tax payer.


    Did notice that 47% of the Norwegian population oppose the publishing of the personal wealth, income and tax paid. Typical tittilating sample here


    Not sure the idea is a vote winner.

    But feel free to publish your own wealth, yearly income and tax paid information. Will be interesting.

  4. Kerry,

    Feel free to publish your income stream here.

    You be first, the rest will follow?

    I had a look at the Statistics Norway web site


    and cannot find any reference to how much individual persons pay in tax.

    You got a reference link I can view to ascertain your claim is valid?

  5. I don’t see why salaries or directors fees should be private.

    Maybe tax paid should be published as well, like Norway.

    It didn’t take long to amend privacy laws so ordinary citizens no longer have rights to a private conversation.

  6. Kerry,

    The big problem that Catherine and the Greens will run into is the privacy act.

    An employer cannot provide details of employee information (and this includes pay scales) to a third party without the express approval of the employee.

    How will the Greens bypass the privace act and commision?

    Will they go through the back door via the IRD?

    Not sure HOW you would achieve openness. Current privacy laws put a stop to it.

  7. And I will also not vote for the Greens when every second post on their blog is about this totally irrational garbage or Israel, or the SAS in Afghanistan.

    For goodness sake Catherine, move on.

  8. I am not convinced that the pay differential between male and female is due to sex descrimination. More to do with things like women’s career choices and the breaks many women take in their career,
    But I support Catherines drive for openness about pay. So we can find out one way the other.

    There should be equal pay for people doing the same job at the same level regardless of gender.

    No one in the Greens is advocating everyone gets the same pay, regardless of the job or qualifications. You have to have a margin for skills, qualifications and competence.

    We do not see why some workers should have to survive on $13 per hour just so some others can keep $1000/hour.

  9. Valis, Catherine’s position is not against discrimination, but for more discrimination. Catherine seeks to ‘positively’ discriminate on the grounds of gender: her postinsg here previusly have clearly laid that point out.

    Catherine Delahunty wants more discrimination, not less.

  10. Your appear to suggest that everyong should be piad the same, irrelevant of the time/effort/struggle one puts into their career. Anyone can be a cleaner, sorry but its the truth, it is a low skilled job generally, but not everyone can be a banker or doctor. Sure, some pay levels may be extreme, but to say female dominated industries should be paid the same as industries that appear to be dominated by males is loopy. Pay equity should be paid on skill-sets, not on sex.

    Males can be cleaners if they wish, just as females can be bankers. Pay everyone the same and you get perverse incentives enter the frame. How about I drive a bus and get paid the same as a Doctor? Get real.

    You may as well be preaching for a communist state!

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