Russel Norman

Dairy compliance message is failing

by Russel Norman

Bay of Plenty Regional Council recently expressed their concern that some dairy operators are still not getting the message that it’s not okay to pollute NZ’s waterways with effluent.

There have been eight prosecutions in the past year in the Bay of Plenty regarding breaches of dairy effluent disposal rules and conditions. This is eight too many.

Meanwhile in the Waikato, an Otorohanga farmer has been fined almost $50,000 for two deliberate breaches of effluent rules in March and November 2010.

The Green Party has a plan to clean up our lakes and rivers. We would provide better support to regional councils to work with farmers to ensure that they have all the tools they need to comply with rules and regulations. We would also enable and encourage dairy companies to impose harsher financial penalties upon operators who break the rules.

We need to send the message loudly and clearly: No one has the right to gain personal profit by destroying the common good, that is our precious rivers and lakes.