6 thoughts on “The truth about the RMA

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  2. an average turn around of ten months? not bad. Especially considering what goes into approving a consent. It would have been nice to get some indication of what the actual complaint from Nick Smith was tho..

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  3. Don’t forget the Poor – who barely cling to a dial-up connection – this flash pakeha broadband stuff just won’t do – besides if Dr Nick NightTan has anything relevant to say….why it’d be on the news wouldn’t it?
    Martins Smartin’ (must be rich)

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  4. Nick Smith is just echoing the bleats from farmers who seem to have forgotten that National has promised them around $500 million in irrigation funding.

    Farmers want to continue to pay less tax than a couple of pensioners and have no accountability for their environmental destruction while receiving huge amounts of corporate welfare from taxpayers.

    Without a proper consenting process we’re going to get lots more buildings falling down and killing people in the next earthquake.

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  5. I am sorry Russel I couldn’t read your letter as I am on dial up; I have tried both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and it’s wasting time. It’s a pity because I live in Canterbury under the dictates of the Nick Smith/Ecan commisars.

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