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  1. I am sorry Russel I couldn’t read your letter as I am on dial up; I have tried both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and it’s wasting time. It’s a pity because I live in Canterbury under the dictates of the Nick Smith/Ecan commisars.

  2. Nick Smith is just echoing the bleats from farmers who seem to have forgotten that National has promised them around $500 million in irrigation funding.

    Farmers want to continue to pay less tax than a couple of pensioners and have no accountability for their environmental destruction while receiving huge amounts of corporate welfare from taxpayers.

    Without a proper consenting process we’re going to get lots more buildings falling down and killing people in the next earthquake.

  3. Don’t forget the Poor – who barely cling to a dial-up connection – this flash pakeha broadband stuff just won’t do – besides if Dr Nick NightTan has anything relevant to say….why it’d be on the news wouldn’t it?
    Martins Smartin’ (must be rich)

  4. an average turn around of ten months? not bad. Especially considering what goes into approving a consent. It would have been nice to get some indication of what the actual complaint from Nick Smith was tho..

  5. What a lot of disingenuous bollocks.
    The dates don’t confirm your story merely confirm his.
    Don’t send out rubbish like this to time-poor people, at least get some intellectual integrity rather than obvious grandstanding

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