Citizen engagement at Occupy Auckland

I got a buzz out of visiting the Occupy Auckland camp again this sunny afternoon. Seventy tents have mushroomed on the grass in Aotea Square  right next to the Town Hall. Hopefully the Auckland Council will continue to tolerate the camp as a venue for citizen engagement with politics. It’s not just the ‘occupiers’ discussing how to make our society more equal and just. Many Aucklanders are also stopping by for a chat. The camp is like a little village with special tents for food, first aid, social media, information and meetings.

There is a lot of learning going on to find out the causes of the problems we face, and some of the solutions. The gross inequality between the top 1% and the other 99% is an overriding theme – as it is around the world – but the daily general assemblies and the workshops are picking up many other issues.

The mood is positive, with signs like “Awake with the dreamers” and “The beginning is nigh”. Others have a good turn of phrase. I liked “In oil we lust”. Drop down and see the folks sometime. Or check out their website at

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  1. These people continue to arrogantly assume the right to speak on my behalf. By claiming they are the “99%”, they are assuming the right to represent me.

    This movement is NOT the 99%. How many people are involved around New Zealand – a few hundred? By my calculation, that makes it more like the 0.0099%.

    This movement DOES NOT represent me.

    I DID NOT give them permission to speak on my behalf.

    By claiming to speak on my behalf, and on behalf of the 99% (which they DON’T), they are arrogantly assuming disproportionate control and speaking rights that they have no right to do. This is exactly what they are complaining that the mythical “let’s-pull-a-convenient-number-out-of-thin-air” 1% are doing.

  2. Under occupation Greece dares to seek the consent of its people to the solution imposed by the EU and “world market capital”.

    The idea that a nation should have a mandate to agree to terms set by lenders and other governments is going to annoy the establishment – what next ratification of free trade deals by referendum?

  3. @ Toad

    I wasn’t pointing the finger at any particular party (as banner wavers)i.e. Greens.. in fact the Occupation in the Octagon, is dominated by banners from one of the other ‘minor’ parties & there has been negative media statements from yet another ‘minor’ party, about the percieved intent of the protest.

    I say : “good on the protestors, for raising awareness”.. but I just wonder where its actually going ?


  4. unable to

    ..only able to mono-focus..?

    ..that’s a worry..

    ..and the worst excuse for anything i have heard for a long time..


  5. @phil u 7:40 PM

    Um, I suspect from the posts here over the last fortnight that an environmental disaster in the Bay of Plenty was the Green MPs’ primary focus over that time, Phil.

    Anyway, more Green MPs after the election should enable them to cover more bases more quickly.

  6. i have never advocating cheap-posturing by the green mp’s.. puzzlement is that no mention of it was made here on frogblog..untill today..

    ..let alone any voicing of support…


  7. @zedd 4:43 PM

    From my observations, the Greens have been very respectful of the Occupy protests being a peoples’ movement, and have not sought to get media attention from it or attempted to co-opt it.

    Despite what phil u says, I think that is the correct choice. Maybe Phil dreams nostalgically for the days when the Alliance fronted hundreds of placards and flags to every protest they could attempt to get some MSM media from.

    I don’t. I think the lower-key approach Green MPs like Keith and Metiria have taken in personally offering their support to the Occupy protests without trying to publicly co-opt them to Green party-political advantage is the best one.

  8. Whilst I support the idea of a protest against the rich & the filthy rich.. the occupy protest just seems to be a rallying point for anyone who has a gripe again authority & for some politicians to wave their banners.
    At the end of the day.. is it really achieving its objectives ?
    Maybe they should move from Aotea Square to Epsom ?
    Kia-ora to ALL who support a more even society !

  9. so i am imagining locke banging on about ‘gadaffis’ thugs’…?

    ..having a history re-write are we..?

    ..i’d advise a sanitising of frogblog..

    ..or has that already been done..? used to be done in the


  10. @phil u 8:44 AM

    Phil, why do you keep going on about Keith Locke (and the Greens) supporting the “cia-coup in Libya” when they did the exact opposite. Keith consistently opposed the NATO intervention. Read his blogs, such as this one in July, which begins:

    In March the Greens came out in opposition to the NATO air operations over Libya. We said they would probably prolong Gaddafi’s stay in power by allowing the dictator to present himself as a nationalist, fighting foreign intervention. Four months later we’ve been proved right.

    The Western intervention was contrary to the UN Charter and based on three lies; that there was going to be a massacre of civilians; that the Arab League supported intervention; and that there was only going to be a ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya. The Arab League had met, but only eleven of the member countries turned up, giving the six Gulf states (all dictatorships) a majority for their Saudi-inspired pro-intervention motion. The “no-fly-zone” was quickly forgotten as NATO planes targeted any government facility, military or non-military, and tried to assassinate Gaddafi and his associates. It also became clear that most members of the Security Council disagreed with the way the operation was being implemented, and that there was little support from the rest of the world.

    The African Union did not accept Gaddafi had intended to massacre civilians and it attacked the NATO bombing as an dangerous intervention in an African civil war. At the Security Council, the African Union spokesperson, Dr Ruahakana Rugunda, said NATO was undermining AU efforts to negotiate a solution by demanding that Gaddafi go before any dialogue began.

  11. I’m dissapointed that one can camp in the middle of a city park for days on end with no intervention, but try and build a deck on the back of your house, a rain water recovery system, or a small wind turbine on your garage, and the council will rip you a new body cavity.

  12. I agree with Samiam, the Movement needs a more specific agenda – I remember I was trying to figure out what the protests were about when the Occupy Wallstreet first started, and I couldnt find any concise information on their actual site!

  13. I don’t think the Occupy movement should be judged as an activist campaign looking for specific changes to society, so much as the instigation of an on-going debate that society desperately needs.

  14. The occupy movement is a bit too much of a catch-all at the moment. It needs more specific goals.
    I’m not anti-rich per se. It’s how the riches are gained that winds me up.
    Speculators are the lowest filth as far as I’m concerned. Futures/hedge traders make obscene amounts of money and produce nothing of any value at all. Vaporise them.
    Capital gains need to be taxed just the same as any other income.
    what else?…

  15. toad…could frogblog be more late to the party..?

    (i’m nearing 150 links/stories..)

    ..even the rightwing blogs have been covering it…

    ..and as for keiths’ refusal to justify his/the green party support for this cia-coup..

    ..i intend to keep asking..and i feel i and many greens deserve some explanation from locke for this bizzare support for this cia-driven monstrosity..

    (fact to ponder:..nato flew 26,000 missions against libya..and yet in our (compliant) medias’ coverage of the conflict…

    ..we saw nary a vapour trail..

    ..not a thump of a bomb..

    ..none of the devastation reported..

    ..the infrastructure destroyed..

    ..all ‘sanitised’..

    ..and you/we haven’t been ‘played’..?

    ..locke has questions to answer..

    ..and i will continue to ask..

    ..and further on that..

    ..a frame by frame analysis has been done of the video of the capture/sodomising of gaddafi..(a knife was used..) cannot be denied/avoided that locke..speaking for the green party…

    ..supported the cia-coup that led to all these horrors..

    ..done in yr it were..

    “..Video shows abuse frame by frame (GRAPHIC)

    An analysis appears to confirm that a rebel fighter sodomized Gaddafi with a knife.

    An analysis of video obtained by GlobalPost from a rebel fighter who recorded the moment when Col. Muammar Gaddafi was first captured –

    – confirms that another rebel fighter – whose identity is unknown –

    – sodomized the former leader as he was being dragged from the drainpipe where he had taken cover.

    A frame by frame analysis of this exclusive GlobalPost video clearly shows the rebel trying to insert some kind of stick or knife into Gaddafi’s rear end…”



  16. @phil u 7:20 PM

    Phil, you’ve been complaining previously that the Green MPs and frogblog haven’t in your opinion given enough attention to the Occupy movement, but when Keith posts here about it you attempt to divert the thread onto a completely different issue. Are you never satisfied?

  17. (whew..!..)..that was close..!

    i almost went there this aft..

    ..and if i saw you..

    ..there wd be no way i wd not be able to ask you what the fuck you are doing supporting that cia-coup in libya..?

    ..that coulda got kinda embarrassing….eh..?

    btw..did you see the vid of gaddafi being sodomised/tortured by his captors..?

    i posted it over in g.d..but you don’t seem to seen here it is again…

    ..this..or some version of it..was the inevitable result of that cia-coup you supported..

    ..feeling even slightly ‘uncomfortable’ yet..? you look down at yr feet of clay..?


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