Kevin Hague

It’s official: Bicycling can save your life

by Kevin Hague

The highly esteemed British Medical Journal has found, after an extensive study, that cycling literally saves lives.

The research looked at the differences in health benefits of using a bicycle sharing scheme run in Barcelona compared with travel by a car in an urban environment. The results were clear: public bicycle sharing schemes can improve public health.

In particular, the study found that physical activity lead to the avoidance of death producing a benefit to risk ratio of 77:1.

Using bicycles was also good for the environment. Annual carbon dioxide emissions in Barcelona were reduced by an estimated 9,062 tonnes.

The study adds to the growing body of evidence (from a public health perspective) for central government to subsidise bike sharing schemes in our major cities.


Published in Health & Wellbeing | THE ISSUES by Kevin Hague on Thu, October 20th, 2011   

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