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  1. Why don’t you shut up when the grownups are discussing real solutions.

    I can see you have little concept of reality.

    AND the GFC was due to. A) Removal of Government regulation on finance. B) Lack of regulation of financial products. C) Too much regulation. D) Pixies in the garden. ??

    AND the political parties who regulate the most, to take away individual freedoms are. A) The 1984 ACT party disguised as Labour. B) The 1990’s and current National parties. C) Labour. D) The Greens. E) A and B.

    10 points if you get it right.

  2. Kerry doess another line in strawman arguing by introducing wage parity issues into this dicussion, while failing to note that borrow-and-spend economies (like NZ was in the 1970s) have all hemeoraged out and eneded up either reforming their economies or having the IMF run them.

    Kerrys attempts to divert the dicssion to laud centralised control using China as an example are flawed on many grounds: polictial, economic, balance of trade, cost of production …..

  3. Mark denies he seeks a return to past polices of subsidies/tarrifs/regulation and central/state control, but fails to even hint at what he does mean by seeking state control of price, production, and distribution.

  4. Ah! Thank you Kerry – you use a few words to descibe my meaning well.
    Obstructionism is systemic and very much enamoured of guarding our basic problems from equitable Change.

    Another large part of our bureaucratic shortcomings have to do with our Checks and Balances against the abuse of Power, hide behind flowery idealism whilst practising a Stalinesque betrayal of our people.
    My gut reaction to such a situation is to head for the Airport with a one way ticket.
    However, running away is counter-productive for a number of reasons.

    These same Offices (Ombudsmen, Medical and Legal), excersize robust and pro-active powers against the very Public they are employed to protect here.
    To my great sorrow I have found them to be a Travesty in New Zealand.
    Nothing a new broom wouldn’t fix – the Laws are in place.

    However the practice of discretioary pursuit along with selective entrapment laws being applied gives the lie to any integtity we may dream of.
    I feel my Taxes are being fraudulently extorted here.
    Like a Third-World hegemony – it is such a long standing crime, that Locals seem to forget where they should stand.
    It’s a ‘have another Beer and turn on the Footy’ kind of denial.
    I am sometime tempted to bring a small Band of Lawyers from Australia over to teach certain Officers the real meaning of Crime.

    Would I be right in guessing that MC has a collection of stale red herring? – propogatess anti-Green Politics in an almost professional role (one among many)?
    Will wind up serving rather than sundering Green Ideas.

    Anyone who runs a poisonous agenda attracts my distrust – as do those who ascribe statements that have NOT been made.

  5. MS. Speaks from the parallel universe again. Or are you going to tell us our wages have increased against Australia, Norway, Argentina and China.
    Who have continued to do all the things you say result in “depressed wages, inferior goods, reduced quality of life, less freedoms, a greater need to plunder the countryside to pay for what we did have or need, and just about sent the country broke”.

    Strange. I always thought it was Muldoon borrowing for election bribes to national voters which was sending us broke. Just like Key’s now!

  6. MC: Nowhere do I recomend a return to past policies – my whole position includes the idea that we Build a unique Economy (for the first time) that actually addresses our needs.
    My background is in Marketing, and, having given this issue some thought, feel we need to stop favouring Monopolies and cut our cloth to suit our needs.
    NZ seems to have bought in to too many foreign Models – some Economists think we are like America (must fight in Afghanustan for ‘our freedoms’ etc….’we’ are having an economic meltdown – dangerous self-fulfilling prophesies) – many seem to think the Australian or English models will suit – I simply posit that we should be directly assessing our unique situation and responding accordingly – if you misread that, or I’m not clear enough in making that point – I ask that you give it some thought rather than assumption.

  7. Marks claim that it is “simply fraudulent to make our local Population pay the same prices for goods and services that we charge our export parntners” reeks of subsidies and tarrifs and state interventions.

    Every time NZ has tried that in the past, it has led to depressed wages, inferior goods, reduced quality of life, less freedoms, a greater need to plunder the countryside to pay for what we did have or need, and just about sent the country broke.

    The reforms of the 1980s were the logical and neccessary outcome of the results of the tarrifs, trade barriers, subsidies, misery, and near bankruptcy of the 1950s-1970s. And Mark wants to revisit that?!?!?!?

  8. NZ is well equipped to feed and shelter (the two underlying factors in determining quality of life) it’s 4 million people in some luxury.

    The fact that we have failed this relatively easy fiscal task is testament to gross and profound failures to manage our economy with even average skill.

    It is well past time that NZ’ers were served by an honest, equitable and fair Administration – such mediocre talent seems beyond the range of Competence in any of the two ‘main’ political parties.

    Our highly taxed Electorate should shed outmoded thinking and look for Public Servants that have the Will, the Vision, the Courage and the Ability to carry out this responsibility.

    It is simply fraudulent to make our local Population pay the same prices for goods and services that we charge our export parntners.

    The last I heard, NZ had the ability to cater for @ 130 million people in excellent style.

    I can find no excuse for this kind of Basic and Central Fiscal Failure.

    I have never held a job in the private sector where I would be permitted to mis-manage such wealth on an on-going basis.

    Fundamental Change is required – failure to enact such Change will result in an ever increasing number of genuinely ‘poor’ people.

    Such a situation is, or should be, unacceptable to the average Voter.
    I’ve heard that we have to ‘tighten our belts’ for the last fifty years.
    It was an admission of failure then – and remains so today.

    The last raise in GST rates definitively underlines the Truth that successive Governments have no real answers – are unable and/or unwilling to do anything but plunge into denial….the people of this Country deserve better – we have earned and paid for it – failure to deliver is bare-faced Robbery!

  9. I agree, this Nat-led Govt. rides high in the polls apparently because wealthy media commentators tend to talk up the right-wing & talk down the left.
    Just listen to a certain talk-back radio station (no name mentioned).

    Whilst the most important poll is on 26/11.. the media keep saying “our polls show.. Nats way ahead” & this can be influential to many who don’t look further into it. i.e. The majority of people who don’t vote are those from so-called ‘lower socio-economic’ back-grounds, who would likely vote left-wing, if they did get out on 26/11.

    I tend to think this comment “we will not raise GST” may well be the start of a strategy to make the gap between rich & poor even wider, if Key & Co. get another 3 years… more tax cuts for the top end & more tax increases for the rest of us !!! “Wake-up Aotearoa”.. Kia-ora

  10. Not so much being fooled, as being blatantly lied to.

    Unfortunately the sources of information available to the average citizen are owned by some of the thieves.

    Real evidence based information, such as scientific journals, are behind paywalls. That is another subject in itself.

    Most people are dependent on ignorant and biased media interpretations.

  11. Confirms the saying.. “you can fool some of the people ALL the time & ALL of the people some of the time.. BUT never ALL the people ALL the time”
    Unfortunatley more than 50% of Kiwis seem to fit the first category.. being fooled by Key & Co. ALL of the time !! Kia-ora

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