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Beware “the racial bogeyman!”

by David Clendon

The editorial in this week’s NBR puts an ill-informed boot into Maoridom in a manner that would bring joy to Don Brash – in fact for all I know he may have written it! Under the guise of assessing the membership of the recently appointed constitutional advisory panel, the extraordinary excursion into purple prose seeks to shock us with the news that ‘the racial bogeyman stalks the land‘.

Apparently the panel, with five Maori, one Pacific Islander, one Asian, and five non-Maori, is “…on the surface, stacked against more than three-quarters of the population”.  Makes me reluctant to even consider what might be going on below the surface!

A government plan to dovetail New Zealand into tail-wagging Maorification must be resisted…the rabid property demands of Tuhoe – who want their own private fiefdom in the hills – are evidence of a brand of racial separation that has no place in New Zealand”.

Rather odd language from a newspaper that is usually a staunch defender of property rights.  It is well established that Tuhoe never sold or gave away their land in Te Urewera, and that Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finalyson, not generally described as one of the more radical figures in Cabinet,  favoured giving them back control of the land until sideswiped by John Key’s populist antennae.

“Economic growth and investment confidence should not be threatened or undermined by the potentially nation-fracturing agenda of a minority”.  I’m guessing they are talking about Maori here, rather than this NACT government.

This sort of divisive nonsense does NBR no credit, and serves no useful purpose.

p.s. There must have been something very strange in the coffee at NBR this week – in the same edition, Owen McShane informs us (while yet again railing against metropolitan urban limits and in favour of urban sprawl) that “EU bureaucrats invented the IPCC to punish our rural sector with ‘food miles’ and ‘bovine methane’. ” Who knew?

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