Survey shows shark fin soup still served

The New Zealand Government is lagging behind many other countries in dealing with the unsustainable practice of shark-finning. A whole host of states have not only banned shark finning, but also the possession and sale of shark fins and shark fin soup.

If the Government won’t act, you can exercise your consumer power to not eat shark fin soup or choose not to eat in restaurants that serve it.

We’ve conducted an extensive nationwide survey to help you use your consumer power. The survey showed around one third of Chinese restaurants in New Zealand were willing to sell shark fin soup with no concern for how their ingredients had been caught.

Internationally, 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins. In many cases, the shark is still alive while being finned. This is a well-documented issue that I’ve blogged on before. Sharks are fearsome predators but don’t stand a chance against our industrial fishing fleets.

Would you eat shark fin soup?

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  1. I agree something should be done about this. I am an avid fisherman, and have even caught sharks, but I believe that all fishing should have controls in place to ensure a balance in the ecosystem. Sharks are a major predator in our oceans and their demise would contribute to a collapse in the food chain from the top down.

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  5. Jules – I’m with Phil on this issue.
    I find his writing style elegant and his commentaries meaningful. I have reservations about his intensity (dog at a bone etc.) at times but none of us is perfect.
    I firmly believe that if all of us forswore meat eating, Phil would become our favourite Uncle, praising us to the high heavens at every opportunity.
    Phil’s objection to emoticons is that they short-cut the use of words to describe thoughts, something he prides himself on doing well. There’s much in what he says that is true.


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  8. Phil, judging by your posts so far, it sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black complaining about others “mindless shorthand … up there with emoticons, language/verbal graspings of the largely illiterate”. It’s obvious you’re a shit stirrer who likes to bait greenies, but you could at least make an effort to form an erudite opinion, rather than the partially senile meanderings and txt message style of writing. Lol, yer not ona mob ph phil, yr on a wbsite.
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  10. In my opinion, Gareth should probably focus his efforts on educating Chinese consumers and restaurants on how to get ethical and sustainable shark fin supplys rather than trying to make them completely illegal. Making them illegal just encourgaes a black market that would make it even harder for governments to regulate or monitor. I don’t think the Chinese would give up their consumption of shark fin soup that easily lol.

  11. The issue here with shark finning is not just the emotive, but the sheer waste and unregulated nature of this practise. Yes, I am certain sharks suffer a cruel and slow death, but the fact is that these fisheries are being plundered unsustainably (and to add insult 95% of the shark is dumped back in the ocean) for nothing more than the momentary “pleasure” of a soup. It is just plain immoral. Unfortunately for the species it suffers from the “Jaws” syndrome and is not held in high regard compared to a dolphin, or whale. If this same “finning” practise was applied to dolphins imagine the public outrage. The fact is that various shark species, being the majestic creatures that they are, needs laws passed to protect it. Some shark species are endangered. The govt could make a very credible effort and ban the import of all shark fins into this country. That would send a strong message to those nations’ fisheries who believe they have a right to plunder the oceans unsustainably.

  12. i am not vegan no, i am vegetarian. yes i see the hypocrisy in this but find it more ludacris that it is happening to endangered animals that are not farmed, and apex predators, which the ecosystem depends on, for a delicacy.

  13. i think holly..i am trying to draw attention to speciesism…

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  14. sharkfinning is largely unregulated, so it is unknown what fate these animals meet when they are killed for their fins. the argument that the shark lived a long life before being finned is irrelevent, as they can take seven years to mature, and where is the regulation or reassurance that these sharks are being finned once they have reached maturity or bared one to two pups (the fact most sharks only parent one or two offspring is another reason to prohibit this act)? so many sharks are endangered and belong to our waters yet are killed for their fins, the government must act. do you not agree phil?

  15. my disgust is at the inhumane slaughtering and hacking off of the sharks’ fins while they are still alive. the rate inwhich this is happening is unsustainable and many species are heading to extinction. populations have been decimated by this cruelty.

  16. what animal bits/bye-products do you eat there..gareth..?

    (are you able to answer…or will you get yr better half to reply for you..?)

    ..btw…any answers yet on those ohariu questions…?

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  17. are you vegan there holly..?

    (just trying to define the source of yr ‘disgust’…)

    ‘cos if not..and you eat calves/pigs/chooks/w.h.y..

    ..the argument cd be made that at least the shark lived a life before being finned…

    ..but the came cannot be said of those other creatures/creature bye-products eaten by many ‘disgusted’ by shark fin soup…


  18. NO! It disgusts me that it legal to serve sharkfin in NZ. We should be protecting them not eating them. They are ecological stabilisers and without them ecosystems are destroyed. Lets pressure the government to take action and ban the sale of sharkfin and the practise of sharkfinning in New Zealand.

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