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A transport poll Joyce won’t like

by Gareth Hughes

A Herald-DigiPoll released today shows what we’ve been saying for months – Aucklanders want a CBD rail link, not more roads.

The survey asked 750 people, including 270 Aucklanders, whether the central Auckland rail tunnel or the Puhoi-Wellsford ‘Road of Significance to the National Party’ should be the greater priority for the region. 63.3 per cent of the Aucklanders support the CBD Rail Link proposal, whereas only 24.8 per cent favoured the highway.

Even non-Aucklanders can see the importance of the CBD rail loop for Auckland – 48.1 per cent supported the tunnel, compared with only 19.2 per cent of non-Aucklanders who prioritised the highway.

In response, the Minister of Roads, Steven Joyce said the result wasn’t surprising and that you couldn’t compare the two projects…..yet his latest dodgy report into the business case of the link was only low because he decided to use flawed motorway-methodology to measure this rail project.

Someone who wasn’t surprised by today’s poll was Auckland Mayor Len Brown, who said the CBD rail link would have positive effects for transport and the economy in Auckland.

I’m calling for a moratorium on motorways and a re-balancing of the transport budget so we can invest in the CBD rail link which is necessary, transformative and affordable.


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