Nick Smith lost for words on lignite mining

Environment Southland Councillor and Green Party member Robert Guyton attended a public meeting with Environment Minister Nick Smith on Tuesday night.  Robert Guyton blogged following the meeting:

Best stop-him-in-his-tracks question at tonight’s ‘Meet Mr Smith Meet’ went to the lovely lady from Lumsden, who asked the Minister (who had just described how important the Government felt it was to follow Best Practice with all mining and drilling projects in NZ, based on overseas models),

“Minister, can you tell us, where is the world’s best practice example of lignite mining?”

A stunned and awkward silence enveloped the Minister before he claimed that he ‘wasn’t willing to say’.

The complimentary bag of dirty ol’ lignite goes to Chris Henderson for both the quality of the question, and the timing!

It seems Minister Smith still doesn’t get it that “best practice” as far as lignite is concerned is to leave it in the ground.

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  1. Actually the plan is not to flog off the lignite, but to consume it here and flog off the products from the lignite, which means that the New Zealand taxpayer ends up subsidising the Kyoto bill for the CO2 released. If the lignite were exported, then at least it would not be New Zealand paying the CO2 charges.

    Leaving the lignite in the ground is the best option. Use our wood for fuel and fertiliser production if necessary.


  2. Priceless Phil LOL LOL LOL. And when your lunatic mates sweep us out the door who’s going to make up the difference when your DPB payments don’t cover your broadband costs. Be such a shame if whoar dot com went the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. bring on the day…

    a combination of lab-grown meat..and taxing you out the door….

    could get us near starting to clean up the mess you ‘a-holes’ have made of this fine land…

    ..and farmers can again become farmers…and grow/make food..

    ..not animal-concentration camp operators..profiting off the suffering of animals..

    ..and peddling cancer-causing crap…disguised as food.. i say…bring on the day…

    ..(listen..!..bloody hands bob..! those footsteps in the distance..?

    ..that is the change that is going to sweep you/your ilk into history..

    ..when we end the animal slave-trade..


  4. Yeah right on Frog, the man is a hypocritical tosser of the highest order. Wants to tax the crap out of my clean green cows and claim they are saving the world by doing so. At the same time he is happy as a pig in swill to flog off dirty carbon spewing lignite to all with a few spare dollars. These Aholes want their cake and to eat it to.

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