Nick Smith lost for words on lignite mining

by frog

Environment Southland Councillor and Green Party member Robert Guyton attended a public meeting with Environment Minister Nick Smith on Tuesday night.  Robert Guyton blogged following the meeting:

Best stop-him-in-his-tracks question at tonight’s ‘Meet Mr Smith Meet’ went to the lovely lady from Lumsden, who asked the Minister (who had just described how important the Government felt it was to follow Best Practice with all mining and drilling projects in NZ, based on overseas models),

“Minister, can you tell us, where is the world’s best practice example of lignite mining?”

A stunned and awkward silence enveloped the Minister before he claimed that he ‘wasn’t willing to say’.

The complimentary bag of dirty ol’ lignite goes to Chris Henderson for both the quality of the question, and the timing!

It seems Minister Smith still doesn’t get it that “best practice” as far as lignite is concerned is to leave it in the ground.

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