Anti-MMP forces look like they are going to play dirty

by frog

Over at Toad highlights some appalling disinformation about the MMP referendum from Cameron (Whaleoil) Slater:

Cameron Slater, most likely deliberately, has got it completely wrong on the MMP referendum. Slater blogs:

Some peo­ple are already sug­gest­ing that MMP should be reformed but that is not the ques­tion in this ref­er­en­dum. What we are being asked to do is choose MMP warts and all as it cur­rently stands, or vote for change. If we vote for change then we can choose one of four other systems.

If you like MMP just as it is then vote for that option, if you like any­thing else, includ­ing a changed MMP sys­tem then Vote for Change.

That’s utter crap! There are lots of voters who think aspects of MMP could be improved. But the referendum process specifically allows for a review of MMP to consider such potential improvements should MMP be endorsed – see sections 74 and 75 and 76 of the Electoral Referendum Act 2010.

A huge fail on the facts for Slater, and an indication that the anti-democratic forces the “Vote for Change ” people represent are going to play an evidence-averse dirty game.

Agreed, Toad.  It looks like those opposing MMP have decided they can’t win on the facts, so have resorted to lies and disinformation. And as John Armstrong pointed out this morning:

Vote for Change also argues that it wants a system that is fair to voters, not the politicians. Yet there is no fairer system to voters than MMP.

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