Will Alasdair Thompson’s “damage control” help close the gender pay gap?

by frog

A Green-friendly employer and EMA member just sent me this (recipient details removed). I presume it has been sent to all EMA member employers today:

If Alasdair Thompson has really had the epiphany he proclaims after a day to cogitate on the reaction to his outrageous comments, then perhaps he might like to reconsider the EMA’s position on Catherine Delahunty’s Equal Pay Amendment Bill.

Thompson’s inability to provide evidence to substantiate his bizarre claims about the reasons for the gender pay gap shows that more evidence is required to identify its real causes.

Requiring employers to compile and report statistics about pay levels by gender is hardly going to result in significant compliance costs.  It’s really only a few minutes work for one staff member each time there are changes in employee pay rates and on each reporting date.

Thompson’s bizarre statements and behaviour yesterday are likely to have helped the Greens’ campaign to close the gender pay gap.  And, hey, unlike in the corporate world, we didn’t have to pay him anything to do it!

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