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Thompson makes case for Equal Pay amendment

by Russel Norman

OK, this video of Alasdair Thompson being interviewed by Mihingarangi Forbes is astounding. Watch it from about 22 mins in. His behaviour is evidence enough of why we need stronger laws around equal pay.

1. Thompson stands by the claim that women should be paid less than men because they take off more time because of their periods. He doesn’t apologise for it, just says he sorry if he caused offence (ie claytons apology).

2. When asked what his evidence is, he says that “the woman” who does the books at the EMA tells him that female EMA employees take more time off than male employees of the EMA, and anecdotally employers tell him the same.

So his “evidence” is totally shonky. But it gets worse.

3. When asked if this extra time off that women allegedly take is due to their periods, he storms off.

So not only is his evidence shonky that women take more time off, he can’t link it to his claim that it is due to menstruation.

4. Thompson says that he opposes the Greens amendment to the Equal Pay Act on the grounds that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare to record the genders of all staff.

Then proceeds to tell us that his own organisation, the EMA, records the genders of all its staff, hence how he gathered his evidence.

5. He tells us that employees wouldn’t want their pay and conditions revealed as part of the process of addressing pay equity, then proceeds to reveal quite alot of personal information about one of his employees.

6. When he doesn’t like the questions he bullies the interviewer and physically stands over her.

I challenge the Board of the EMA to view this video and tell us that this is the guy they want to represent them and other employers in New Zealand.

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