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by frog

If you want a clear and exciting alternative to “More dairy, more mining“, look no further than this! Sir Paul Callaghan busts some common myths about ourselves and puts for a vision for our future that everyone can get excited about.

Watch the presentation on YouTube. Sadly embedding of the video has been disabled for that video.

If we care for our environment and create a just, equitable and creative society, a “place where talent
wants to live”, then we can attract the best in the world, and provide opportunity for our most talented Kiwis to see their future here. Imagine what we could achieve if we built a strategy around, and made central to our thinking, the existing success of our emerging knowledge sector, gearing our education system accordingly.

I am not 100% about the detail of the policy suggestions he makes very briefly in one slide near the end but it is clear that there are hard environmental limits to how much further we can go with what we have been doing so far. In the future we need to think differently, not double-down on what worked in the past.

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