g.blog’s resurrection, and that of Bob Clarkson

Many current frogblog readers probably won’t have heard of g.blog.

g.blog was set up before the 2008 election, but has been in hibernation for a while.  It is a blog where any Green Party member can post. If you are a Green member,  all you need to do to get posting rights at g.blog is to email the g.blog administrator.

So why not do it?  Whether you have the time to manage a post a day or a post a month, the more Green voices we have out there the better.

The most recent g.blog post is from Green Party member and regular frogblog commenter “Toad”:  – on misogynist, homophobic and Islamophobic (Toad missed those bits) former National MP Bob Clarkson lending his weight to the Act Party:

Just when I thought the ACT Party couldn’t get more dominated by wealthy, bigoted, elderly white men, Bob “Left Testicle” Clarkson joins up.

Former National MP Clarkson was the subject of sexual harassment allegations made by a former employee. Clarkson claimed the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding arising from a mention of his left testicle to a colleague. Clarkson, in the heat of the controversy, grabbed and talked about his crotch to a female reporter.

Clarkson’s sure to work wonders to improve ACT’s 0.00% polling among female voters achieved in the latest Herald Digipoll.

Cheers, Toad.  I agree completely.  And your post was picked up by The Standard, so got much wider coverage.

Let’s get the grassroots Green voices out there via g.blog.   And no problem if you want to challenge Green policy – g.blog is an open blog for any Green member to post to, but remember that anyone in the blogosphere will be able to read it.


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  1. I think that Brash’s desire for Banks in Epsom shows Brash’s lack of empathy with the electorate.

    No doubts Banks selling point was his pollings in the lat mayoral election, and a beleive that these votes will follow Banks/ACT. I’s suugest that is flawed logic, because most of Banks support (and indeed much of nay Auckland mayoral voting) comes from “not that tosser”. Aucklanders saw this when Banks won the mayoralty the first time, and when he was biffed out and Hubbard was given a go, before he too was biffed for the same reason.

    People who voted for Banks did so to prevent Brown getting in, and to some degree vice versa. Banks is a devisive character, and his selection to stand in Epsom is Brash’s first gaff as ACT leader. A new energetic visionary face could have been chosen, but rather a recycled has-been was chosen.

  2. Nice score, Toad! 😀

    Ok, so that’s one former g.blogger back in action, must stir a little and start with something entertaining.

    Ah, I have just the thing …

  3. @Valis 11:34 AM

    Also, Brash has said he would be happy for Clarkson to be a candidate:

    Brash told SunLive that Clarkson was just one of the many high profile New Zealanders now supporting Act because of concerns about the current National led government.

    He would support Clarkson as Tauranga’s Act candidate if he decided to take up the position.

  4. as I said on the gblog:

    “He’s a member, not a candidate. How is this any different to the large number of batshit crazy members the green party has over the years.

    You can pick your candidates, you can’t however pick your supporters.”

  5. Hey, thanks for promoting my g.blog post to a wider audience, frog. And thanks to Lynn at The Standard for doing the same.

    Yes, I did miss out on highlighting Clarkson’s homophobic and Islamophobic comments. But that’s all par for the course with the ACT Party – bigots pretending to be principled libertarians.

    John Banks as their savior, FFS! Because Don Brash is unelectable in any electorate, ACT’s polling is so low they need to win one because they cannot get past the MMP threshold – and so they need the bigot vote to get Banks elected in Epsom.

    I support MMP as the fairest and most democratic electoral system. But it does need a review to stop the “yellow jacket tails” part under which an MP who wins an electorate seat can drag other fruit loops like David Garrett and Hilary Calvert into Parliament even though the Party has got nowhere near the threshold.

    My solution would be to abolish the threshold completely. That way, a Party’s representation in Parliament would be proportional to the votes it receives.

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