g.blog’s resurrection, and that of Bob Clarkson

by frog

Many current frogblog readers probably won’t have heard of g.blog.

g.blog was set up before the 2008 election, but has been in hibernation for a while.  It is a blog where any Green Party member can post. If you are a Green member,  all you need to do to get posting rights at g.blog is to email the g.blog administrator.

So why not do it?  Whether you have the time to manage a post a day or a post a month, the more Green voices we have out there the better.

The most recent g.blog post is from Green Party member and regular frogblog commenter “Toad”:  – on misogynist, homophobic and Islamophobic (Toad missed those bits) former National MP Bob Clarkson lending his weight to the Act Party:

Just when I thought the ACT Party couldn’t get more dominated by wealthy, bigoted, elderly white men, Bob “Left Testicle” Clarkson joins up.

Former National MP Clarkson was the subject of sexual harassment allegations made by a former employee. Clarkson claimed the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding arising from a mention of his left testicle to a colleague. Clarkson, in the heat of the controversy, grabbed and talked about his crotch to a female reporter.

Clarkson’s sure to work wonders to improve ACT’s 0.00% polling among female voters achieved in the latest Herald Digipoll.

Cheers, Toad.  I agree completely.  And your post was picked up by The Standard, so got much wider coverage.

Let’s get the grassroots Green voices out there via g.blog.   And no problem if you want to challenge Green policy – g.blog is an open blog for any Green member to post to, but remember that anyone in the blogosphere will be able to read it.


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