11 thoughts on “The dullest blog in the world

  1. hah, this is crazy, I’ve never seen this before. I can’t believe how many comments he’s received on some of those topics. Just goes to show you where the world’s interests are at these days!

  2. Hahaha! this blog proves a person’s curiosity. With the domain and title it got, people should be curious enough to see how dull it is.. Awesome idea.. 🙂

  3. Well when Facebook gave all its files to the FBI for the ‘whoar against terror’ they lost me – are you confused about the resultant screw ups?
    Come away child – I’ll fill in the why part later.
    Bit of a break for Don Brash – his library burnt down but only half the books were damaged – he was busy colouring in the other one.
    Photo will stay loyal and vote for him ……
    Q; are you short and stout with your eyes hangin’ out?
    Me too Rod – personally I’d like to keep you in Parliament
    I mean – it’s like the circus losing it’s ‘hairy lady’
    Still, if you got a better offer – I understand
    lots of love (and what does Mao mean)
    Jesus has already forgiven me – just as well really
    It’s the next few hundred sins that worry me.
    Could always have an early night….
    lol (lots of love, love of life, I can’t guess)

  4. I started reading “the dullest blog” and felt like my brain was shutting down, until I noticed the length of time between posts. I’m impressed: if anyone ever wants to describe Twitter by reference to its opposite, they need look no further.

  5. It is pretty special to break all the rules of blogging and still have a massive audience!

  6. @Shunda barunda 4:15 PM

    Yeah, we’ve just gotta all set up an alert on it. I wouldn’t want to miss the next post, whenever that may happen.

  7. Ha ha!! I love it how the first page spans 6 years of blogging.

    I hate social media, but I am somehow draw to it like watching some slow moving train wreck!
    Facebook is how you stay an irrational childish teenager forever!!
    lol, kisses, hugs , awww……

  8. The scary thing about this? If he’s got adsense and other advertising turned on he’s probably making a killing.

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