Podcast: why you should care about the file sharing law

If you’re an internet nerd, chances are you’ll know all about the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act recently passed by Parliament. Tech savvy types are united in opposition to the law change, which could see internet access cut off for internet account holders if they intentionally – or inadvertently – breach copyright three times. The Greens were the only party to vote against it.

In this podcast, Green Party ICT Spokesperson Gareth Hughes talks about the new law – what it means, why non-nerds should be worried about it too, and what can be done from here.

If you’re reading this on Friday 27 May, you’ve got the rest of today to make a submission – click here for a form submission to adapt.

If you missed Gareth’s virtual public meeting on this issue, you can download the full audio here, or follow NZGreens on twitter for a link to the video when it’s posted.

Showing the power of social media, this week’s track is Shuffling Joe, by Dub Asylum. Crowd-sourced from twitter! Thanks Dub Asylum. It’s file sharing in action!

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  1. REally pleased Greens are opposed to this! Whatever next – thought control? Oppressive governments are shaking in their boots because they cannot predict or control mass action through social media – might be the most powerful form of communication yet. They might try to do this, but really, in the long term, they won’t be able to.

  2. It’s a little bother Gareth – compared to the spying legislation the Government granted itself this year – it seems to have happened so fast, most have missed it (certainly intentional)
    Suddenly, Communist China thinks we’re a great investment……food, no oil, and absolute control of the population.
    Guess they waited a long time to find a like Government.
    Right and Left are mere semantic, unworthy of attention.
    What matters is – the freedom of the individual – the admission of humanity.
    We have just lost that – and no-one noticed – no wonder everyone wants to speak with Jon.
    I guess “start with disconnect,impoverish, punish and suppress” would be his primary (primal) advice

    Whatever Dude – the crushing of hope is a crime large enough to tear the sky asunder.

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